Our Tilapia Fish

Tilapia are particularly ideal fish for farming because they are naturally suited to cage farm environments and handling. They breed well and feed on a largely vegetable diet. Chicoa has sourced a genetic mix of Tilapia that is one of the fastest growing and best feed converters in Africa. It has adapted to the natural environment of Lake Cahora Bassa, with its good temperatures, large water exchange and high oxygen levels.

Based on the expertise of Damien Legros, Chicoa has developed an innovative lake breeding technique.

Our fish feed is also fortified with vitamins, minerals, essential proteins and oils – notably Omega 3. This not only strengthens the immune system of the fish, but also provides a more nutritious product for our customers.

Our Fish For Sale

Whole Fish On Ice

This is the freshest way to take fish from lake to plate. After harvesting, the fish are placed on ice and taken straight to market for sale.

Gutted and Frozen Fish

With a longer shelf life, this is the preferred fish preparation for retail and industry customers. It is particularly favoured in many of our export markets.

Premium Fillets

Frozen fillets are preferred by hotels and catering businesses, including the large catering kitchens servicing the extraction industry in Mozambique.

Fish By-Products

By-products from the tilapia filleting process (heads, bellies and frames) are one of the most nutritious forms of low cost protein available in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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